I’m 5'3", just the right size for discreetly zipping around at your birth, and have been known to scale whatever stool or ladder I need to to get the shot. 

I'm a wife and a mama of twin boys, who ultimately inspired me to document everything.  They change so fast, and being a sentimental soul, I wanted to find a way to hang on to all the moments. 

Birth photography called to me a couple of years ago when I found Carmen Bridgewater and the Birth Becomes You Instagram accounts.  I fell in love with the rawness, the emotion, and beautiful story that is birth.  I decided to become certified in birth photography, and earned that certification in  November 2023.  I haven't looked back since!  

I'm Shayna-the birth photographer

hi friend!

no matter how your birth story unfolds, it is worth capturing.

I believe

The birth space is yours and is sacred, and you should have a right to dictate how it is managed and who is there. 

I believe

I should have always a chubby baby in my schedule, please.

I believe

Families are created in millions of ways, mine included! Love is the force that holds us all together.

I believe

Certifications & Publications

Having fertility issues ourselves, we adopted our boys from foster care and have had them since they were four weeks old.  I've never given birth and honestly have no desire to do so, ironically! But I think it is absolutely beautiful to witness. I love that I bring zero birth expectations into your birth experience.

 Truth be told, motherhood had to grow on me.  I had to grapple with myself as I became a mom, and I still have my days, but it is absolutely the most rewarding experience.  I love being present to witness this amazing transformation for you!

I'd love to meet you and get to work together. I can't wait to hear your love story and show you how amazing you are through pictures. 

Love, Shayna <3

As an individual, I truly love connecting with others, and yet, am fairly introverted and perfectly content being a fly on the wall and observing what is going on around me, which makes the birth and newborn world a good fit for me. I also love helping others.

 I have been told many times that I am an old soul with a peaceful spirit, and am often told by my clients that I have doula energy. All of my clients so far have said that they forgot I was even in the room during their birth, which is what I aim for! This is your space and your time, and I'm just here to support and document!

I also love learning. Once I find an interest in something, I research topics to their very depths. I would stay in school forever if I had the opportunity!


dear friend

Teach Other Photographers! 

4. My biggest dream is:

Spring & Summer!

3. my favorite season of the year:

My Grandma & My Dad


San Francisco, California

1. I was born in…

8. My hidden talent is:

I'm a really fast tap dancer!

Our sweet boys <3 

7. The best gift I got:

Hamburgers. Love me a good burger!

6. My favorite food in the world is

Italy-My Dad & Nonna are from Naples!

5. My dream destination is...


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let's get a Burger! If you have any questions or concerns, I'm here to help.

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